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Sponsored post: World’s first 34-inch IPS UltraWide display LG engineered for graphic designers bid adieu to bezel and stuffy display space

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April Madden

Recent winner of TIPA 2014 Awards in Best Photo Monitor category, LG removes many obstacles for the real professionals

After two 27-inch 16:9 monitor settings were introduced to graphic designers, a bezel disrupting your line of sight, discrepant colour range between the two monitors (even when sometimes the two are identical products), and constantly having to shift images from activated toolbars have been common hindrances that weren’t going to go away any time soon. Whether it is Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign, monitor landscape size is directly linked to efficiency of your work. Perhaps you’ve become accustomed to the smaller annoyances and made compromises by positioning programs, folders, images tactfully, while fundamental space limitation has not been addressed properly. Until now.

LG Electronics, the recent winner at the Technical Image Press Association Awards 2014 (TIPA 2014), has come up with the perfect solution for graphic professionals: the LG 34UM95, winner of the “Best Photo Monitor” category (One of the most influential photographic and imaging press associations in the world, TIPA consists of 29 member magazines from 13 different countries). This 34-inch 34UM95 with its 21:9 screen ratio and UltraWide QHD resolution (3440 x1440) offers a set of pin-point solutions to the obstacles professional graphic designers face most often in their studios.

Space for all, without having to close any

Workable space for Photoshop next to Illustrator next to image archive in one monitor- this is hard to imagine for 27-inch 16:9 screen user, as there would be sheer shortage of space by the time you are trying to look through image clips without overlapping editing tools. LG 34UM95’s 34-inch QHD resolution densely packs up the screen with pixels so you can display multitude of image archive, toolbars, without the overlap. Ample space 34UM95 provides designers “UltraWide” view to select images from archive on the side, you can keep track of the flow of your work- it is basically two powerfully vivid displays put together, without a bezel or glare at the edge.


However heavy the load, Thunderbolt™ 2 will deliver it all 4 times faster than USB 3.0

The 34-inch 21:9 UltraWide QHD monitor has pretty impressive features on its own, but to make it really shine, high quality graphics need hardware with speed. For Mac users, connecting your new powerful Mac Pro to up to two 34UM95s with Thunderbolt™ 2 for speedy search and transfer of images from your data storage means farthest leap in clip search and transfer speed available. Fully compatible with Mac Pro, you can reap full benefits from 20Gbps speed by matching it to data storage that can handle such speed (PROMISE Pegasus2, for instance). As a plus feature, designers can simply connect the monitor to data storage to get a quick view of the image clips without having to boot their PC when checking the image stock.



The 34UM95 was built with professionals who endure long hours of monitor gazing in mind. LG’s 34UM95 display has a flicker-safe function, which stops the black bars, invisible to the human eye, from flashing on the screen. Also Reader Mode automatically modifies harmful blue lights into softer tones so that looking at screens is no more tiring than reading a book.

At the end of the day, setting up your work station is a matter of trial and error and personal preference. But graphic designers will soon realize that the 34UM95 is more than just a monitor – it’s a vivid piece of their widest imagination.