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How to perfect your witch poses

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April Madden

Learn how to draw convincing evil witch poses in issue 39 of Fantasy Artist

Fairytales offer rich pickings for anyone looking for inspiration for their next image and issue 39 of Fantasy Artist has a great collection of tips for drawing better fairytale characters. And since we are in the season of the witch, we thought we’d share some advice on making your witches the wickedest witches in the west.

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The wicked witch

This character is immediately identifiable as the antagonist of the story. The wicked witch stands out for her evil look that clearly shows she is plotting something. She wears dark clothing like all the wicked witches that can be found in fairytales.



The magic spell

Here, the wicked witch is using all her powers and strength to cast a spell against her opponent. In her face you can read the effort she is making to launch the attack. Her clothes and mantle are floating in the air to accentuate the power of magic.




The witch in flight

This sketch shows the wicked witch flying on her enchanted broomstick, speeding off somewhere to commit mischief. Her clothes and mantle are almost worn out by the high speed, highlighted by directional lines and little-defined contours.