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How to draw a hippogriff

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April Madden

Quick tip for drawing the mythical hippogriff

A good winged beast will liven up any fantasy scene and issue 39 of Fantasy Artist includes a special selection of tips for drawing winged mythical beasts.

We have included a taster below for drawing a hippogriff – read the rest by picking up a copy from your local shop, online or digitally.

In medieval literature the hippogriff is the symbol of impossibility and love. It has the head, claws (on its forelegs) and wings of an eagle and the body of a horse.

The hippogriff is said to be fast, strong and intelligent, and is usually the pet of a wizard or the heraldic device of a knight.

Like the centaur and pegasus, the main issue when making a beautiful hippogriff is merging the two different animals in a believable way.

Make sure the claw-arms of the eagle aren’t too short compared to the hind legs, and attach the wings properly to the body. After the anatomy is in order, go crazy with the feathers!