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How to create metal effects in steampunk images

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April Madden

Use this great tip for improving your steampunk pictures by ensuring your metals gleam

A steampunk image can live or die by the quality of the painted metal – if it is dull or unrealistic then the overall image will lose its impact.

Issue 39 of Fantasy Artist includes a useful tutorial for painting a robot on a rampage and covers many essential techniques you need for stunning steampunk. We’ve included one below, for more pick up issue 39 in the shops, online or digitally.

Painting metals

A good way of keeping metallic objects consistent throughout your scene is to first create a couple of references for yourself. Create a new layer, keeping it separate from the others, and then paint a small sphere, a cube and perhaps a cylinder too. Highlights, suggested reflections and colours can then be painted onto these simple building block shapes, depending on the lighting requirements of your scene. Now you have a reference layer to refer to and pick colour from.