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How to create a classic fantasy heroine

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April Madden

Immerse yourself in Frazetta’s style and paint better fantasy femme characters

Issue 39 of Fantasy Artist includes a fantastic tutorial on creating a classic heroine in the style of the great Frank Frazetta. It walks you through the whole process, covering colour treatment, paint application and composition.

To get you started, we have included some tips for creating your own Frazetta-inspired creation below. To find out more, pick up issue 39 of Fantasy Artist from your nearest shop, online or digital.


Using thumbnails

Often, a great idea is not the first idea that comes to mind – even Frazetta had roughs. Start small, sketching out compositions the size of a box of matches until you’ve found something you love. The mind registers value (how light or dark something is) before colour, so many find it helpful to save that planning for the next step.

Create drama with colour

Now, it’s time to explore a colour scheme. You’re working small, so this is the best time to experiment. Do golden hues make it feel majestic? Does red evoke the feeling of fire? As long as you stay true to the values and composition of the thumbnail, things should start to take off.


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  • Xzendor7 said:

    Good Info, Will Look For Fantasy Artist Issue 39 To See The Entire Tutorial.

    I Would Agree That Color And Lighting Can Make Or Break A Composition. I Find When Working On My Fractal Art Compositions That Taking The Time To Get The Color Tones And The Lighting Effects Correct Is What Gives Me A Piece That People Will Say To.

    If I Don’t Get It Right It’s Just An OK Piece With Very Little Interest Going For It.