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Learn new art styles with Fantasy Artist 38

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April Madden

Out on 4th October 2012, the latest issue of Fantasy Artist will introduce you to a wealth of new styles

Sneak peek of Fantasy Artist 38

If you’re bored of Western

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fantasy cliches then look no further than the latest issue of Fantasy Artist. Inside you’ll find some inspirational guides to fantasy from around the world, particularly the fascinating and exotic styles and subjects found in Asian art.

Discover warriors of the ancient world, magical manga archetypes and eerie Japanese demons. Learn how to manage lighting and colour to create evocative scenes. Explore characters from classic sci-fi, Norse mythology and cult comics, and much more.

Issue 38 of Fantasy Artist is out from 4th October 2012. You’ll find it in all good newsagents from that date, or available digitally for your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone via GreatDigitalMags.com.

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  • Robert Young said:

    Love this cant wait