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Image of the Week: Night Elf Sorceress by JB Casacop

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April Madden

Discover my favourite image from the site this week plus others that are well worth a look

Night Elf Sorceress by JB Casacop

I rarely play night elf characters in videogames because they never look quite as good in-game as they do in the concept art. This Night Elf Sorceress by JB Casacop is a great example of a fantastic concept. The dark elf character utilises some of the stereotypes associated with this particular fantasy race – silvery grey skin, reddy brown eyes, dragon-like armour – but eschews others (fangs, black eyeballs, claws) and instead of the usual miserable expression this one is brimming over with cheeky mirth. Probably because she’s setting fire to a paladin, but, y’know.The use of saturated colour here also moves the character away from the dull, subterranean colours usually sported by dark/night/blood elves or drow (the name depends on which fantasy universe you approach them from) and emphasises the traditional gaming role of a night elf sorceress as one of the most powerful pieces on the board or characters in the game. This particular sorceress comes from War of the Burning Sky Online, so if you’re a gamer check it out – perhaps this will be one of those rare games, like Warhammer Online, in which the darker elf characters don’t look drab and sulky! And don’t forget to check out issue 38 of Fantasy Artist, on sale from 4th October 2012, because we’ve got a complete guide to elves and how to draw them, including the darkly beautiful drow sorceress.

Several other images on the site caught my eye this week, including:

Barbarian by MJ Pajaron – coincidentally another piece of WotBS Online concept art!

Neon Fields by Alex Tooth – a beautiful and colourful environment.

Awakening by Alexander Forssberg – a lava colossus with a dynamic and powerful composition.

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