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Image of the Week: The Hearse Song by Gregbo Watson

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The Hearse Song by Gregbo Watson

I’m starting to get into the Halloween spirit early, and The Hearse Song by Gregbo Watson catches the sweet and spooky sides of autumn perfectly. The dark brown colour palette captures the vibe of dark evenings drawing in, bonfire smoke and dead leaves. The cute characters – undertakers, ghosts, monsters and the poor unfortunate in the coffin at the bottom – either lurk in the shadows or stand out perfectly against it. The creepy little ditty that the picture illustrates apparently originates from World War 1, but Gregbo’s delightful cast of characters update it with Nightmare Before Christmas-style imagery, while the typography is pure retro Halloween. Dead good!

Elsewhere on the site, the holodeck appears to have malfunctioned and sent Kirk (Yes, yes, or Picard, or Janeway, thank you) and the gang back to the Victorian era in Amol Walawalkar’s Steampunk USS Enterprise.

This truly unsettling Bride of Frankenstein is by David Gaillet, who took the Image of the Week badge last week.

Plaid Klaus’s Pirate Lion Captain is, well, a pirate lion captain. Enough said.

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  • Gregbo Watson said:

    Thank you for showcasing my illustration.