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Image of the Week: Dwarf Lord by David Gaillet

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April Madden

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Dwarf Lord by David Gaillet

Dwarves are classic high-fantasy character types and well-executed ones produce perfect suspension of disbelief, transporting the viewer into a Tolkienesque world of mountain cities, doughty warriors and mysterious runes. David Gaillet’s Dwarf Lord ticks all of those boxes at once. The character himself is proud and wise, but those wrinkles suggest a dwarven lord who can laugh loudly over his mugs of ale. Despite having to contain a tough, rotund little body the armour can only be described as exquisite, with its runes and triskeles referencing Norse myths. In the background a stair soars away up an icy mountainside, decorated with statues of the Dwarf Lord’s ancestors. A fantastic image David!

Elsewhere, Malungkot Ngunit by JB Casacop is a surreal, autumnal piece in a beautifully limited palette of russet and mauve, that wouldn’t be out of place on the cover of classic Ray Bradbury collection The October Country.

Forest Encounter by Alexander Forssberg is another Norse-inspired piece, this time exploring the trolls of Scandianvian folkore in a dynamic composition, reminiscent of a gentler Pan’s Labyrinth.

Poison Tip Technique by Allen Michael Geneta is a classic piece of sultry fantasy art with a subtle reference to Eastern martial arts in the title for maximum 70s-style sex appeal.

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