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How to make a custom pattern design in Corel Painter

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April Madden

Painter’s Patterns library works in a similar way to its Paper library; anything you can imagine can become a pattern. Here’s how

A pattern created in Corel Painter

You can create and apply patterns in Painter quickly and easily. Discover how award-winning illustrator Carlyn Beccia does it in this excerpt from issue 29 of Digital Artist.

Painter pattern design step 1

Step 1 – Source image

Open the image that will become your pattern. If you want it to be masked from its background, make a selection around the area that will become the pattern. If not, skip this step. Select the Capture Pattern button (A).

Painter pattern design step 2

Step 2 – Choose pattern options

In the Capture Pattern dialog box, name your new pattern. If you want your pattern to make grid-like fills then select Rectangular Tile. If you want your pattern to be offset horizontally then choose Horizontal Shift and if you want your pattern to be offset vertically, choose Vertical Shift.

Painter pattern design step 3

Step 3 – Save the pattern to a library

Your new pattern will now be added to the default library. You can also create a library of its own for this pattern by selecting the New Library button (B).


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