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How to draw in perspective

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April Madden

Discover how vanishing points work best with a well-composed image

Convergence by Abigail Daker

In Digital Artist 29, Abigail Daker shares her tips for working with perspective. Here are the basics of composing using its rules.

Perspective - Step 1

Step 1: Structure

Before you start to draw anything, it’s a good idea to set up guide lines on the page. Then divide each side of the page into thirds and draw a grid.

Perspective Step 2

Step 2: Use the grid

By structuring the drawing around this grid, you will ensure that it is balanced and that the viewer can read it easily. Now choose a horizon line.

Perspective Step 3

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Step 3: Set the points

Set two main vanishing points across the horizon and draw a number of lines from these to indicate where objects should fall.

Step 4: Experiment

Before I drew anything, I played around with the perspective lines and drew a rough diagram. This made the initial sketches far easier.


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