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Year of the Dragon giveaway winner!

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April Madden

The winner of our Year of the Dragon competition is Gia Nguyen Hoang

Year of the Dragon by Gia Nguyen Hoang

Thanks for all your entries to our Year of the Dragon competition! Isn’t our awesome new tagging system easy to use? And clever too – I could pick all of the entries out by searching for the tags. Why not give it a try with the kind of images you’d like to see? You’ll be amazed at what turns up!

Our lucky winner is Gia Nguyen Hoang. This image isn’t the most saturated of the bunch by any means, but sometimes it’s not all about the bright colours. Gia’s Year of the Dragon piece is full of brooding presence despite its almost greyscale colour scheme. Viewing at high-res is really rewarding as there are some highly evocative details, like the flock of startled birds stirred up from the eaves of the quiet village. The use of lighting is dramatic and shows a great technique for painting moonlight. Gia wins a well-deserved copy of Dragon’s Domain by Bob Eggleton – congratulations!

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  • Nick said:

    Great choice and a worthy winner. Many congratulations both for the win and for the image. More power to you.

  • Horus X1 said:

    Ominous, beautiful, and majestic. Like something out of a dream, and exceptionally well painted. An awe-inspiring piece of art.

  • Kathy Ferrell said:

    Beautiful! I didn’t have time to enter this contest, but I was certainly interested in seeing all of the entries. So many lovely pieces, but I agree on this for the win. The artist really makes the viewer feel very small, the sense of scale is marvelous. I feel as if I am actually getting a crick in my neck looking “up” at it in the sky. Grand work, and deserving of the prize!