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Top 10 digital painting brushes

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April Madden

What are the best brushes for digital painting? Find out with our pick of the top 10


Here are our top 10 favourite digital painting brushes. Everyone likes different brushes for different things, so if you’ve got a favourite that we’ve missed, let us know in the Comments or on Facebook. All of these brushes are available by default in the program or app they’re featured in.

  • Photoshop’s Hard Round brush – a do-everything workhorse for sketching and colour blocking
  • Corel Painter’s Tinting>Basic Round – grainy opaque coverage that’s perfect for glazing
  • spyware for the iphone
  • ArtRage’s Impasto brush – depth, loft and the ability to use Metallic paint makes this a lovely chunky paintbrush
  • Photoshop’s Scatter brush – the go-to brush for creating variations in skin tone
  • Corel Painter’s Scratchboard tool – an exceptional inking brush
  • SketchBook Pro’s Pencil – does exactly what it says on the tin!
  • SketchClub’s Sketchy – possibly the best digital pencil in the world ever
  • ArtRage’s Gloop Pen – fun inky and marbling effects
  • Corel Painter’s Impressionist brush – scattery Divisionist colour that gives a perfect early Modern look
  • Zen Brush’s black ink brush – perfect sumi-e strokes every time


  • Digital painting said:

    lovely brushes thanks :DD

  • Muhammad Hari said:

    hello could you tell me how to adjust brush ?
    that brush can look more sharp ?

  • April Madden said:

    Hey Muhammad, are you looking to adjust a Photoshop brush? The best one for a sharp, clear look is a basic Hard Round 🙂