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Issue 23 of Digital Artist is out!

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April Madden

The latest issue of Digital Artist is now on sale

We’ve gone a bit wild with the latest issue of Digital Artist. As ever, subscribers will have got their copies just a wee bit early (You’ll be wondering about those awesome giveaways I mentioned, right? Stay tuned!) while the magazine hits UK stores today before winging its way around the rest of the world. If you can’t find it in a newsagent near you, check it out on our online store, where you can also buy back issues to complete your collection.

This issue, we present a complete guide to the freelance industry featuring words of wisdom from artists, illustrators and designers who’ve taken the self-employed route. Whether you’re a new graduate approaching the industry for the first time or you’re taking the plunge after years of working in your spare time, you’ll find essential advice to help you get the most from this career choice (and look out for issue 24, in which we look at other prospects in the creative industry too). Elsewhere in the mag we’ve got some great tutorials from Jason Allsebrook, MEGAMUNDEN, Jennifer Weaver, Amber Hill, Natsuki Otani, Andy Hau and Cladio Juliano, plus interviews with installation artist and illustrator Sam Pierpoint and freelance guru Max Scratchmann (head on over to Twitter where I’m giving away five copies of his essential book Freelancing 101 to those in need!) and all the news, views and reviews from around the digital art world.