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Behind the scenes at Remastered – Part 2

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April Madden

We chat to artist Rafael Pavon about his piece for the Remastered exhibition, seen in issue 19 of Digital Artist

Back in March I told you about the Remastered exhibition, which looked at digital reinterpretations of classic masterpieces. You’ll find coverage of the show in issue 19 of Digital Artist, on sale now.

Here we meet artist Rafael Pavon, who created the animation Mind the Fog, based on Caspar David Friedrich’s Wanderer Above a Sea of Fog.

Digital Artist: How did you get involved with Remastered?

Rafael Pavon: Before the Intel Remastered project, I collaborated with Jotta on a 
project creating live visuals for Latitude Festival. They usually work
 with a lot of collaborators from the University of the Arts where I 
studied so after that project, they got in touch with me again about
 this project that involved remixing classic masterpieces using new 
technologies, which sounded really cool, so I started working on my 
proposal for it.

Digital Artist: What did you want to address in your ‘remaster’ of Wanderer Above a Sea of Fog?

Rafael Pavon: The piece ‘Wanderer Above a Sea of Fog’ deals with a feeling that I
 wanted to explore since I first saw the painting: the ability to enjoy 
uncertainty. I was fascinated by the way the Wanderer seems to feel 
comfortable in such a threatening and confusing landscape and I
 wanted to recreate that feeling from the perspective of the audience.

Digital Artist: What can you tell us about creating the artwork?

Rafael Pavon: After understanding what I wanted to say about it, I decided that
 using an anaglyph 3D video was the best way to immerse the audience in
 the fog and emphasise the depth, a very important variable of the 
piece. Then the process started to be very wild, mixing video,
 photographs, illustrations and sound to create that confusion while 
keeping a narrative at the same time. It was all about walking around 
London looking for details, capturing things and then putting
 everything together in the space.

Image above, still from Mind the Fog, © Rafael Pavon and courtesy of Remastered/ Margaret PR