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Issue 17 of Digital Artist is on sale today!

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April Madden

Issue 17 of Digital Artist is now on sale, with some very special features, including the unveiling of our Creative Hotlist for 2011

You’ve seen the sneak peek. You’ve had a first look at our big feature this issue. Now you can get your mitts on the whole thing: issue 17 of Digital Artist is out in UK stores and our online shop today! Remember that subscribers get theirs before it’s on sale in local stores, and you can be just as cool and ahead of the trends as they are by clicking here

We’re super-excited about issue 17 because ooooh, manga cover!  The artwork’s done by Canadian mangaka Kaze-Hime, click here to visit her website. But that’s by no means all we’re excited about – issue 17 is bursting with arty goodness. We kick off with an interview with Malaysian illustrator Yee Von Chan, whose delicate, dreamy subject matter and exquisite linework are a fairytale come true. Our Community and Zeitgeist sections are packed with the latest and greatest products, projects, exhibitions and more. And then it’s time for the feature!

It’s Creative Hotlist time again here at Digital Artist, and a big congratulations to the ten emerging artists who secured one of the coveted spots on the list. We think you’ll agree that they’re producing some of the most interesting work in illustration at the moment (I’m still not telling you who they are – you’ll have to buy the mag!).

Finally we get onto the tutorials. We’ve got a fantastic selection of those for you this issue, whether you want to try a new style, experiment with textures or colours, or learn the key principles of producing great art:

Choo Kah Chun explains the importance of simplicity, colour control and blocking in manga

Teodoru Badiu creates a 3D illustration with cardboard textures

Jack Teagle goes back to basics with primary colours

Natsuki Otani works some magic with decorative lettering

Amber Hill gets the blues in monochrome

Matthew Watkins shows how to achieve Photoshop-style effects on the iPad by combining apps

Sara Biddle explains all you need to know about painting eyes

All this plus reviews, interviews and our Creative 101 section. And we’re still not done! It’s time to introduce – drumroll please! – the world’s first HTML 5 resource disc! What does that mean for you? Well, it’ll load faster, in a shiny new browser-based interface. Some technical trickery means that we can fit more content on – there’s over two hours of video tutorials just for starters. Load it up now and tell us what you think of it!